Reforestion at Hayes Meadow

Reforestion at Hayes Meadow

This Winter with the support of the Woodland Trust we are planting over 600 trees in an ambitious new river woodland; in the heart of our community, for the future.   This project will be a winding woodland, along six acres of waterway and wild flower meadows. We began resoration of the water meadows in 2017, over seeding wild flowers and managing the culm waterways and excluding livestock for most of the year, with spectacular results.

the woodland will flank the brook and waterways, creating a wildness strip along the banks to protect the local wildlife, who are already flocking to the wildflower meadows.

The species are all native to the UK and all offer benefits to wildlife in different ways. All seed has been sourced and grown in the UK. We have made a effort to encourage fruiting and flowering species.  The local primary school make good use of the zone.

Tree species: 50 x Alder, 25 x Aspen, 25 x Crab apple, 100 x Downy Birch, 50 x Goat Willow, 100 x Hornbeam
200 x Oak (Common), 25 x Small leaved lime, 50 x Wild cherry, 25 x Dog Rose, 25 x Dogwood, 25 x Elder, 25 x Hawthorn, 75 x Hazel.

Planting will commence on the 10th January and we welcome any local help. Please contact Graham for any further details. Mobile 07802 206271 Email