Caveman Steak Sandwich

One of our Special Sirloin Steaks turned  into a  Caveman / Dirty Steak Sandwich, cooked straight on the coals, beautiful sirloin from @hayesmeadoworganic topped with Swiss chard    

Mouthwatering Cherry Smoked Dry Aged Chuck

One of our Beautiful dry aged Chucks roasted by  Country Wood Smoke With his special mocha rub and cherry smoked.  Made for some wonderful tacos for a family meal. “really top quality beef”    

Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke Cooks up a Hayes Meadow Rib Eye.

Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke cooks up one of our 28 days 100% grass fed & organic Rib Eyes.  What a great privilege for us “Beautiful @hayesmeadoworganic rib eye steaks cooked on @thuros_uk grill over oak charcoal.”

Marc Dennis of Duchy Charcuterie Cooks up one of our 45 day dry aged Rumps

We had the privilege of having our 45 day old whole Rump on the Bone, carved and sampled by the award winning Charcuterie master Marc Dennis of Duchy Charcuterie “That is what I call proper Beef !!!! Rumps are amazing .. Beefy with that umami that you mentioned of blue cheese and mushroom flavour”