Our  Organic Dry Aged Beef

Our Organic Dry Aged Beef

Its nice to know our cows are living out in the pasture and eating natural native grasses, just as Mother Nature intended. Second, the health paybacks for grass fed beef are out of this world!

Our cows impart the regional flavours of the grasses upon which they graze. It’s an earthier, more robust flavour that reveals how beef should really taste when produced in line with its natural history. Slowly matured beef is tender, flavoursome and delicious with all the essences and health benefits of animals raised naturally grazing our wild-flower meadows, herbal leys, orchards and ancient pastures and never fed any grains, soya or other manufactured feeds.

Still, for a country raised on corn fed beef, the transition to a more rustic flavor profile can be a bit of a challenge. Higher omega-3 levels and other differences in fatty acid composition are certainly a nutritional advantage for grass fed beef, but the grass can impart a strong flavour that is a surprise to some. This is sometimes characterised as being more robust and diverse.

Like great wine and cheese, grass fed beef possesses different qualities depending on where it’s grown and what time of year it’s harvested. Since our cows are consuming local vegetation, the resulting beef is leaner and boasts these more rustic, traditional flavours. What you’re tasting is the sun-kissed wild-flower meadows, herbal leys, orchards and ancient pastures.

Our Beef is hung and dry aged on the bone for 28 days minimum.

We’ve found that recognising this adds to the whole experience of eating grass fed and eating ethically. Eating grass fed beef can push us to become beef connoisseurs and challenge the way we think beef should taste.

When it comes to cooking grass fed beef, it’s important to pay close attention. Mince is pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll want to sear your roasts and make sure not to overcook them. The same goes with steak. Since it’s so lean, you want to keep it as rare as possible. There’s no big chunk of fat to save the taste of an overdone steak, so just make sure not to leave it on the grill too long.

Enjoy adapting your palate to beef with character and remember this is how our food is meant to taste.

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