Our  Organic Dry Aged Beef

Our Organic Dry Aged Beef

Its nice to know our cows are living out in the pasture and eating natural native grasses, just as Mother Nature intended. Second, the health paybacks for grass fed beef are out of this world!

Our cows impart the regional flavours of the grasses upon which they graze. It’s an earthier, more robust flavour that reveals how beef should really taste. Slowly matured beef is tender, flavoursome and delicious with all the essences and health benefits of animals raised naturally grazing our wild-flower meadows, herbal leys, orchards and ancient pastures and never fed any grains, soya or other manufactured feeds.

Our Beef is hung and dry aged on the bone for 28 days minimum. We age each carcass on a case by case basis and freeze our retail cuts as soon as they are cut off the bone to protect quality and preserve true freshness

Enjoy adapting your palate to beef with character and remember this is how our food is meant to taste.