Whole Pork Shoulder Joint


Whole Pork Shoulder Joint


Succulent and packed full of flavour, A real winner with everyone at home. We love this joint slow roasted. Its a centre piece for a family feast. The fat content makes for great crackling!

Nothing beats the shoulder for flavour and tenderness, slow roasted alongside some root vegetables or smoked and covered in a BBQ sauce, this versatile piece of meat is a winner!


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Succulent family size 4 kg ( approx)  shoulder of pork. With generous fat content  superb for making your own pulled pork dishes at home. Be it barbecue pulled pork tacos or sticky hoisin steam buns, our matured and free range pork shoulder is the best.

And if you want to keep things traditional, simply rub the generous rind with salt and crisp it up for fantastic crackling on your Sunday roast.


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