A Pair of Organic Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks

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A Pair of Organic Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks

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Original price was: £17.50.Current price is: £17.00.

An outstanding pair of 10 oz Sirloin Steaks.  A well-marbled steak coupled with a generous swathe of 100% grass fed sweetly flavoured fat.  Robust flavour and substantial, juicy texture it’s a really satisfying steak.

Our Beef is hung and dry aged on the bone for 28 days minimum.


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2  Large and Stunning Sirloin Steaks: (10 oz/280 grams each approx)

A well-marbled meat coupled with a generous composition of flavoured fat. Sirloin is a favourite –  a really satisfying steak.  Ours are outstanding 10 oz generous steaks.    juicy and melt in the mouth.

The depth of flavour and sweet tender meat of our Sirloin steak is something pretty special.

Our Beef is hung and dry aged on the bone for 28 days minimum.

We deliver our perishable products and meats throughout mainland UK.  Tues – Friday   We deliver in environmentally sound wool chilled pouches , using  a  24 Courier next day service. We freeze our retail cuts as soon as they are cut off the bone to protect quality and preserve true freshness. We offer a safe, secure and robust next day dispatch service.  Specific delivery dates can be chosen at checkout.



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47 reviews for A Pair of Organic Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks

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  1. admin (store manager)

    Love a dirty steak… A stunning sirloin from straight on the coals for max flavour. really does wonders on fire with true grass fed beef!

    Image #1 from admin
  2. admin (store manager) – Stunning cooking with 100% grass fed Hayes Meadow Sirloin

    Image #1 from admin
  3. admin (store manager)

    Hayes meadow organic sirloin with wilted rainbow chard on homemade bread

    Image #1 from admin
  4. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Top quality. With usual farmer’s markets closed, Hayes meadow is a great discovery. Outstanding beef and great service.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Restaurant quality steaks, a real treat for home cooking.

  6. Pat Hawkins (verified owner)

    Tender and tasty, and large. Lovely to buy something so local

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    Absolute top restaurant quality. Exceptional.

  8. Tom B. (verified owner)

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    Top quality steaks

  10. Michael (verified owner)

    Consistently top-notch steaks. Great flavour.

  11. Sheila White (verified owner)

  12. Vernon Cook (verified owner)

    A real treat lovely as always

  13. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Have been ordering my meat direct from Meadow Hayes for 6 months now, and as with all cuts, the sirloin steaks are of amazingly consistent quality.

  14. Angus Urquhart (verified owner)

    Simply divine!!!

  15. Sheila White (verified owner)

  16. Stewart Taylor (verified owner)

    these are on the Menu next Week! I’m giving them a 5 already based just on the appearance!

  17. Michael Lloyd (verified owner)

  18. Michael (verified owner)

    Great steaks that cooked beautifully.

  19. Bev P. (verified owner)

  20. Anne Gately (verified owner)

    I got these steaks as a gift for serious foodies and they were a huge success. Also huge thought went into the delivery and packaging were superb. We also got several other products including the face creams which are terrific. I cannot recommend Hayes Meadow highly enough.

  21. Derek (verified owner)

    Lovely taste and quality and service is great.

  22. Sara (verified owner)

    Good size and nice taste! Great service

  23. Anthony Weller (verified owner)

  24. RAY BIRCH (verified owner)

    Best steaks we have ever eaten plus great customer service from them.

  25. Louise Campbell (verified owner)

  26. Ramoy HARRIS (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with the texture and overall quality of the meat you really get what you pay for

  27. RAY BIRCH (verified owner)

    Really good tasting steaks, hopefully better than the last order where there was too much wastage on them .

  28. Michael L. (verified owner)

    Top quality steaks. Consistently good.

  29. Susan J. (verified owner)

    Our favourite treat to have for days we need the boost

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)


  31. RAY BIRCH (verified owner)

    Best steaks we have eaten

  32. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Really beautiful, so tender and tasty. Great price too.

  33. Roberts K. (verified owner)

  34. Kevin (verified owner)

  35. Meena I. (verified owner)

    Best sirloin I’ve bought and cooked.

  36. Beatrix Milan (verified owner)

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

  38. Stewart Taylor (verified owner)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Raymond Murrell (verified owner)

  41. Stephen Tucker (verified owner)

    excellent cuts 👍

  42. fiona (verified owner)

  43. Ruby (verified owner)

  44. Dariusz Bartkowski (verified owner)

  45. Catherine ashford (verified owner)

    Beautiful steaks , so tender and tasty .

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect Steaks and Packaging! PFLA!

  47. Catherine Ashford (verified owner)

    Sublime quality.
    Taste and texture is superb.

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