Nature’s Finest Soothing Skin Cream
Organic 100% Grass Fed Skin Cream

Nature’s Finest Soothing Skin Cream

We are cattle farmers on the foothills of Dartmoor. Our hands and faces bear the brunt of what nature can throw at us. We need moisturisers that work and heal effectively.

Our Soothing Skin Cream is made using age old practises combined with contemporary scents and blends. Loaded with vitamins A.D & K and antioxidants;  Hayes Meadow Skin Cream is luxurious, nourishing and full of lipids that work harmoniously with our skin’s oil called sebum. Free of Paraffin, Parabens & Phenoxyethanol,

We only use Organic ingredients. Our Creams are a blend of Tallow, Jojoba and Essential Oils.

Better than arguably any ingredient on the market today, this natural cream provides the kind of intense moisture we need to keep our skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.  It only needs to be applied once a day and at night. Even in the dead of winter, even in extremely dry climates, tallow has been proven to moisturise the skin all day.

Pure relief for irritated, sore skin – Suitable for babies & adults –  Nourishing & Rejuvenating.

Produced from 100% Pasture Raised & Organic Tallow. Raised on a single holistic farm producing high welfare, minimum waste moisturisers.
Ingredients: Organic Tallow, Jojoba & Essential Oils.
Fragrances:  Lavender, Lemon Grass, Peppermint.