Bespoke Dry Aged Beef on the Bone.

Bespoke Dry Aged Beef on the Bone.

Are you hosting or catering a special occasion this Spring or Summer? What better culinary centre piece, than  a dry aged whole Joint or Loin. We can dry age between 45 and 90 days. There is nothing better than 100% certified Grass Fed & Organic – dry aged primal cuts.

Reserve your custom dry aged Primal Cuts for Spring 2020 ASAP: Please contact Graham: / 07802 206 271

Cuts include:

  • Whole Chuck on Bone
  • Whole Rump on Bone
  • 7 Bone Rib Eye Whole with Long Bones
  • Whole Sirloin on Bone
  • Whole Jacobs Ladder



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