Healthy Japanese Beef Cuisine

Healthy Japanese Beef Cuisine

Beef Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu are versatile, healthy, communal ways of

enjoying fine quality beef.  Using our organic beef, stock and tallow the immune system boost is an added bonus.

100% Pasture for Life & Organic Japanese Style Beef. Sliced Super Thin for this Sukiyaki Meal Kit. We use the finest and authentic cuts from our native ruby red beef.

We produce this m because it highlights the quality and healthy benefits of our beef and is a great example of ‘Less is More’ and ‘Bonding’ with food.

Shabu shabu tonight ☺️
Cook your own dinner.
I’m so pleased that @hayesmeadoworganic delivers these super tender beef slices. No compromise in quality. Organic, pasture raised.


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