Hayes Meadow ‘Yakiniku’ Mezze Beef 

Hayes Meadow ‘Yakiniku’ Mezze Beef 

Hayes Meadow ‘Yakiniku’ Mezze Beef  is something special. 

Our  Yakiniku Mezze Tray, has a selection of the finest curated cuts, perfect for a couple sharing.  Each tray comes complete with our very own  homemade Yakiniku Sauce and a couple of pairs of bamboo chopsticks.

In each tray you will find the best selection of our tenderest,  mouth watering,  bite size slices of our aged, organic, grass fed, home reared beef.

If you have not tried dipping fine mini steak slithers in a warm honey, sesame, soya and mirin sauce, you must try it. It is delicious and wonderful way to enjoy beef in moderation.

This is Mezze dining at its best.

Fun, Sociable, Delicious and Healthy.

Yakiniku  Mezze is one of our favourite way of enjoying our beef.  We simply flash fry these tender bit size cuts, and then enjoy them dipped in our warm Yakiniku Sauce,  either with chop sticks or a fork.

These specially selected cuts take a matter of seconds to flash fry and its a wonderful way to enjoy beef as a small plate alongside other small plates or a hearty salad.

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